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System Requirements
PC with CPU 360 and higher
Minimum 64MB RAM
We recommend the use of screen resolution 600 by 800 and 16 bit colors for all our products.

Ordering Methods
We accept online or fax orders, either from individual or from school/institute buyers. All payments are secured and must be in US dollars (payments from European countries may be in EURO). Individual buyers can download the software after having ordered online and save S&H fee. More details are provided through Individual or School/Institute purchases.  

Software Protection Policy
All our products are protected to prevent unauthorized use. 
A protection diskette or an activation code is used for the protection of a single-user software. A plug is used for the network version .
With the software, every user receives a customer ID that he will need for obtaining technical support, customer support, or pedagogical support, and as an identification when contacting us.
Save the protection diskette and/or the plug. They will not be replaced if lost.

Certified airmail: $12. Delivery as a rule within 10 working days.
Special express delivery (E.M.S or other international courier): $42. Delivery as a rule within 3 working days.

Technical Support
All our users are entitled to receive Technical support either on use of the software or the installation process and protection problems. For technical support please email us or fax to +972-9-951-4361 with your customer ID. We shall do our best to respond within 3 working days. In special cases, should personal involvement be necessary or justified - we shall contact you by phone. 

Pedagogical Support
Contains suggested activities and material. In addition, users can contact us with special pedagogical requests.

Copyright Permission
All our software programs, accompanying documentation, and printed materials are copyrighted. You are not permitted to copy or otherwise reproduce disks or any part of the printed materials except where permission is specifically granted.
Please read carefully the terms and conditions for use before using the software. Using the software is acknowledgement that those terms and conditions were approved by you. 

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System Requirements
Ordering Methods
Software Protection
Technical Support
Copyright Permission

Dalin Inc. Head Office: 49 Harav Kook St., Herzliya, 46342 Israel;  Phone:(972-9)-9562371, Fax:(972-9)-9514361  
USA Office: 350 W 55th St. #3i, New York, NY 10019;  Fax: (212)-582-5899
e-mail: dalin@mathematix.com

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