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Our online ordering system uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) in all transfers to and from your computer involving your credit card information. Purchasing through SSL is approved by credit card companies.
We use your personal information solely to alert you to information on product upgrades, special offers, updated information and other new services. We will not disclose your personal information to any other organizations or individuals.

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Cost and discounts
You have the privilege of purchasing now one of our leading PC software, MathematiX or Pythagoras for a discounted price,
for only $99.
However if you have already purchased MathematiX or Pythagoras, you are entitled to purchase the second software
for only $75 (additional discount of approximately 25% ).
The MathematiX Solver costs now

Technical Support
All our users are entitled to receive Technical support either on using the software or the installation process and protection problems. For technical support please email us or fax to +972-9-951-4361 with your customer ID. We shall do our best to respond within 3 working days. In special cases, when personal involvement would be necessary or justified - we shall contact you by phone. 

Pedagogical Support
Contains suggested activities, materials and audio-visual demonstrations. In addition, users can contact us for further consultation. When contacting us, you are required to identify yourself by your customer ID.

Copyright/License Agreement
All our software programs, accompanying documentation, and printed materials are copyrighted. By using the software you agree to the terms and conditions which are described in the License agreement in each sotware product. Using the software is acknowledgement that those terms and conditions were approved by you. 

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MathematiX Solver

Dalin Inc. Head Office: 49 Harav Kook St., Herzliya, 46342 Israel;  Phone:(972-9)-9562371, Fax:(972-9)-9514361  
USA Office: 350 W 55th St. #3i, New York, NY 10019;  Fax: (212)-582-5899
e-mail: dalin@mathematix.com

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