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Integrating computers in Mathematics education since 1987

Dalin Inc., established by Dr. Joseph Dalin in 1987, is a US corporation headquartered in Israel with an office in USA - see addresses below. 
Dalin is a leader in integrating computers with teaching and learning mathematics in both middle and  high schools in Israel.

Dalin's comprehensive program includes an intensive teacher training component and developing of resource materials and activities. With MathematiX you can reach NCTM standards and Goals 2001.

What make MathematiX the best?
The company's leading software is MathematiX.
MathematiX is widely used in Israel, with installations in more than 75% of Israel's computerized secondary schools. 
Ongoing feedback from teachers and students in hundreds of Israeli schools over the last ten years has enabled Dalin to create a top quality software geared to the needs of the teacher and the student.
Therefore, MathematiX represents the wishes, ideas and experience of many teachers.

MathematiX contribution
MathematiX significantly improves understanding of mathematical concepts and principles and increases achievement levels for all populations. MathematiX is recognized and approved by the Israeli Ministry of Education.
The leading Schools of Education in Israel's universities and colleges have adopted MathematiX as the preferred learning tool for enhancing the understanding of mathematics.
MathematiX gained the annual 2001 award of the Israeli National Association of Computers in Education.

What else?
The company just finished the development of software for teaching and learning dynamic visual geometry through self-experience and accurate quantitative exploration - πythagoras. The new software was highly welcomed by teachers as a comprehensive very easy to use geometric toolkit. The company is currently developing software for teaching and learning statistics, data processing and presentation.

Guided Learning through self experience and discovery
The company has started a new product line - Understandable School Math software series. The first of these products were released lately. This software line provides guided learning and quantitative exploration tools for the investigation of concepts in specific topics, such as: The equations of the straight line; The quadratic equation; Trigonometric Functions, etc. 

Interactive School MathTM
The Company's software will be distributed under the Logo Interactive School Math, which represents the ideas behind our products.

Going International
After more than ten years of pioneering extensive activities in Israel, Dalin Inc. is expanding its interest and activities to the international educational community of school mathematics education in order to distribute its leading software, MathematiX, the new Pythagoras and its other new products, and to share its unique experience with mathematics educators and students worldwide. 
To promote these purposes, the company is seeking partners and representatives worldwide.
The company offers its consulting and guidance services to projects for the integration of computers in school mathematics education.



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Dalin Inc. Head Office: 49 Harav Kook St., Herzliya, 46342 Israel;  Phone:(972-9)-9562371, Fax:(972-9)-9514361  
USA Office: 350 W 55th St. #3i, New York, NY 10019;  Fax: (212)-582-5899

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