What's New

The company is expanding its activities, software product line and services as follows:
1. Going international
2. Expanding our software product line
3. Providing pedagogical support

Going international
After more than ten years of pioneering extensive activities in Israel, Dalin Inc. is expanding its interest and activities to the international educational community of school mathematics in order to distribute its leading software, MathematiX, the new Pythagoras and its new products, and to share its unique experience with mathematics educators and students worldwide. 
To promote these purposes, the company is seeking partners, representatives and distributors worldwide.
In addition, the company will offer its consulting and guidance services to projects for the integration of computers with school mathematics education and hands-on workshops for teachers.

New software product line
The company is expanding its products line by adding software products, for all grades and all levels

 Elementary School

 Middle School

 High school

 The Math World of:

 The Math World of:  The Math World of:
  The Plane   Points   Fractions & Ratios
  Points   Fractions & Ratios   Linear Equations
  Fractions & Ratios   Integers   Quadratic Equations
  Integers   Linear Equations   Trigonometry
    Quadratic Equations   Linear Programming
      Analytic Geometry

These software products provide guided teaching and learning graphic quantitative environment for self experience and exploration.
We believe that our software will become an indispensable and integral daily tool for promoting school mathematics education, making it an accessible, acceptable, understandable and successful experience for all students.
The full software collection is presented in our new web site www.USMath.com.

Pedagogical support
The company has decided to provide its customers with pedagogical support.
This service is partially available. 
It includes activities and other instructional material which are accessible through the internet to our customers. The first activities you can reach without the customer ID.






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Dalin Inc. Head Office: 49 Harav Kook St., Herzliya, 46342 Israel;  Phone:(972-9)-9562371, Fax:(972-9)-9514361  
USA Office: 350 W 55th St. #3i, New York, NY 10019;  Fax: (212)-582-5899
e-mail: dalin@mathematix.com

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