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Why Pythagoras?      Screenshot
Dynamic Visual Geometry Software   Full Graphic Presentation   Quantitative Accurate Data 

Comprehensive Tools         Adjustable Scales            Very Easy to Use Interface

Why dynamic visual geometry software? Why Pythagoras?

The traditional study of geometry in schools was a static enterprise. Students were presented with definitions and theorems which they had to accept without argument. The teachers presented these facts on with some attempt to justify their truth. The students were asked to try to construct their own proofs and to justify new facts by logically deduction. Such an approach is difficult for most students.

The availability of geometry software can change teaching and learning geometry to a dynamic experience which generates motivation and curiosity. Students can examine and verify or reject geometric concepts, definitions, assumptions and theorems by dynamic quantitative exploration in an understandable environment, and experience the satisfaction of discovery and achievement. With Pythagoras software this can be achieved with ease.

Pythagoras is the only dynamic geometric software, which makes a comprehensive use of the Windows capabilities and environment, represented by: toolbars, windows, numerous tools (activated by toolbar buttons), menus and dialog boxes and a sophisticated snap-to feature, which provides the user with full control. Therefore, although being comprehensive, it is very easy to use.

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Pythagoras Screenshot

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