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Why MathematiX?

Why MathematiX is unique?
MathematiX is the only software for secondary education which provides graphs with fully dynamic quantitative scales, interactive dynamic tools and quantitative data for demonstrating mathematical concepts and developing understanding through self-experience and exploration. 

What is the difference between MathematiX and other available software?
While most mathematical software is geared for university students and scientists, this product focuses on the needs of middle schools, high schools and colleges.
We don't compete with Mathematica
, MathCad, Maple, Derive, or MathLab, etc. These programs are excellent for scientists, engineers and technical universities. 

How can MathematiX help you?
Instead of spending 90% of the time with manual calculations and only 10% of the time thinking, MathematiX enables 90% of the time to be spent on interactive learning and thinking while leaving only 10% of the time for manual work.
With MathematiX the NCTM Principles and Standards can be achieved.

What is the actual experience in using MathematiX in the classroom?
MathematiX is based on a pedagogical approach derived from more than ten years of continuous effort. 
MathematiX was shaped through the experience and feedback accumulated during ten years of use in many Israeli schools.
This product is the leading mathematical software in Israel - installed and used in most Israeli computerized middle schools and high schools (about 75%) with more than 30,000 school installations.

Is MathematiX approved by official authority?
MathematiX was approved by the Israeli Ministry of Education and is used by most instructors of mathematics teachers in schools of education in the leading Israeli universities. 

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MathematiX Structure

The program workspace consists of four basic windows: 
  • Functions Window - for storing and controlling equations of functions to be analyzed and for displaying their graphs. An equation can be added either by typing it in or when after the corresponding object has been created manually in the Arena by a movable tool. The existing function equation can be edited as desired. Range and/or domain can be added.

  • Points Window - for storing and controlling the names, coordinates and type of points. Points can be added either by typing coordinates directly into the Points window or by drawing in the Arena. Special points, related to analysis or characteristics of a function can be presented as well.

  • Graphic Window - Arena - for presenting function graphs, points and available visual information.

  • Info Window - for displaying relevant updated data of the cursor and tools presented in the Arena.

In addition, MathematiX provides:

  • Editing Window - for editing any text or mathematical expression, not necessarily a function (as must be in the Function window). Expressions can be edited (font, size and color), and printed or copied to any Windows application (see MathematiX Editor).

  • Calculation Window - for performing any calculations including those using functions or point coordinates, which appear in the Functions or Points Windows. Calculation can apply to any real number, fractions, degrees and common functions.

  • Text Window - for typing any text including guidance and data for activities, and user's remarks.

All visual and text information, including those displayed in the Arena, can be printed and/or copied to other applications, e.g. to a word processor.

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MathematiX Screenshot

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e-mail: dalin@mathematix.com

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