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The Editor every teacher wishes for 
and every student needs.

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Edit and Integrate Equations and Graphs 
into your Class Materials, Test and Home Work.

With the MathematiX Editor it is very easy to enrich your class materials, tests, homework, demonstrations and presentations with nice equations and beautiful multi-colored graphs. 

The MathematiX Editor has many MathematiX capabilities, it is in fact a limited version of MathematiX and therefore can be used for teaching and learning purposes as well. Please note, MathematiX includes all the MathematiX Editor capabilities and can be used as a MathematiX Editor as well. 
Therefore, anyone who purchases MathematiX doesn't have to purchase the MathematiX Editor.


Editing Expressions

The following example presents the Expressions Editing window, its editing toolbar and its Font Style dialog box.






Copying Graphs from The Graphing Window

 It is possible to copy the content of the entire Arena or only a portion of it, within a Displayed Frame, as shown in the screenshot below. In fact the framed portion of the Arena is not moving, it is just being "cut", when the cursor is dropped at the edge of the frame. Than, it can be pasted into any Windows application, such as Word or PowerPoint. The size of the copied picture is the size of the frame in the Arena. However, it can be further adjusted and edited.






Copying equations and graphs into class material

The following is an example of a page prepared by integrating and editing equations and graphs in Word document.

Similarly, it is possible to edit such pages for demonstrations or presentations in PowerPoint.






Integrated Graphs

An example of creating and editing class materials by copying graphs from the MathematiX Arena is shown below. In this example four pictures of graphs were copied, pasted and edited in a Word document, one after the other.


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